Zenfone – A reader’s new best friend

As I type this on my smartphone, I realize that it is not just a phone but my assistant of sorts. In this day and age our phones are our allies in everything that we do. With every new update, it helps us in ways that we could never imagine or expect. I plan my day, make my to-do lists, manage my expenses, track my workouts, watch movies and listen to music on my phone. The newest task taken up by my phone is to help me finish my reading list and keep up with my literary deadlines.

ASUS, a brand that has revolutionalized the PC industry with its constant innovations has now made its foray into the world of smartphones. Its latest offering, the Zenfone 5 has already taken the nation by storm and won the “Budget Smart Phone of The Year – 2014” at Exhibit Tech Awards 2014. Loaded with features and light on your pocket, it looks like a must-buy, doesn’t it? This award winning phone has been crafted with attributes that appeal to users with diverse needs and wants alike. Equipped with Pixel Master, its camera appeals to both the shutterbugs and the selfie brigade. While this phone looks like a perfect buy for any smartphone user, what makes it special for passionate readers?

Well, we read at home, in the train, in the rick, during lunch and somehow juggle with our paperbacks and hardcovers with humans around. Let’s accept it; books fuel our midnight oil when insomnia decides to stay. I’ve never been an eBook fan because of the sheer discomfort of a backlit screen piercing my eyes. This is exactly where Zenfone 5 figures in to make our lives simpler. Push the reading mode ON and you can finish your reading list without straining your eyes at all.

I’m sure I’ll finish my reading goal before 2014 ends. Wish to do the same? Order it now, from here. Want to know more about the phone? Click here.

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